Hello and welcome! My name is Kayla, a one time science researcher turned science teacher. I have started this blog partly to track my personal journey through my year as a trainee teacher, but also to begin connecting with other teachers and their blogs to share and learn more about good teaching practice.

Teaching has always been a profession I was interested in, and knew I would explore at some point in my career. Coming back from a year of travelling and working in schools in the UK and abroad, I decided the time was right to leap into this new, exciting and demanding career.

Since starting my training in September 2016, it has been a whirlwind experience. Choosing to train through a ‘school direct’ route can definitely make or break you as a trainee. I believe it has made me far more resilient and more experienced in a short period of time.

The school I work in is equal parts wonderful and crazy, but I don’t think I would change a thing. The kids are challenging and full of character, I can finally say I have a job where every day is VERY different to the last!